Hey everybody! There’s a LOT going on! Most of it good-to-great news.

BUT in keeping with how social media seems to “work,” vs. what makes it “a nightmare,” I’m going to try to be better about making more frequent small updates on like, one project at a time, instead of one big monstrous update of eeeeeeeeeverything at once that nobody has time to read.

Most immediate, I’m honored because I’ve been asked to speak on five different panels at a convention called LOSCON this coming weekend. It has been running for 48 YEARS, and is Los Angeles’ longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention, so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

I’ll have to convince myself the whole time I’m NOT doing panels, not to just hide in a back corner playing Twilight Imperium alone, and to try to actually meet some new people.

If you decide to stop by, please say hi!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Matt Conant, Creative Director
Cinevore Studios


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