Cinevore Studios is an independent production company founded and run by Creative Director Matt Conant, specializing in comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and gaming fare. We work in all varieties of media: TV, film, digital, podcasts, publishing, and gaming, to name a few.

Cinevore was founded in 2003 in Philadelphia. We’ve created parody horror music videos, satirical Victorian animation, and galaxy-spanning space adventures. We’ve worked with companies including video game studio Red 5, WHYY-TV (PBS), Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix), and Cinemassacre (The Angry Video Game Nerd).

Today we have a half dozen digital series under our belts. We have sold projects to Amazon Studios and HBO Max. We have a trilogy of sci-fi novels published by Aethon Books (#1 Amazon Science Fiction Bestsellers at that!). And we have game and writing projects in development with various industry partners.

Above all, we love building unique universes with engaging characters, and watching them flourish. If you do too, you’re in the right place. And if you want to work with us, drop us a line !